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wowgirls-discountOK I have to admit that I was instantly drawn to this website simply by the name. It gives you the impression of something magical about to happen and that it will blow your mind, but is that actually the case? I have the tough task of trying to see if WOWGirls really does live up to its name.

After landing at the home page I then noticed that I was actually on a huge site where I could get access to not only WOWPorn offer, but also the wowgirls discount and 18 Only Girls deal. They do seem to have a tendency to lean towards slim chicks here between the ages of 18 and 23, so if you prefer women with some meat on them, then you might be slightly disappointed. However, the girls here are hot and there is enough of a variety with how they look to keep you interested. Oh yeah, and they also fuck on camera and fuck hard.

These chicks think nothing of either fucking a huge cock or at times fucking one another. The only thing that they care about is having that all important orgasm and boy do they know how to get there. You have all of the usual sex positions included and the actual shooting of each scene is also pretty good, so you can check out every single thing that is going on and see that cock sliding in her pussy and the pleasure she is having from it.

So how about the amount of content that you get to perv over with your membership? They are now over 150 scenes and each one lasts for around 25 minutes. They are relatively new, so of course they are in HD and the 200+ photo sets are also shot in high resolution with each set containing 75 pictures. OK, so there might be other sites out there that have more porn in their members section, but this is still enough for you to get your teeth into, so there is no real grounds for complaint.

So what are my overall thoughts? Well, the porn is well shot, the sex is hot, the chicks love what they are doing and it shows, and they keep updating on a regular basis with new content. To me, if you love chicks that are around 20 years old and slim, then WOWGirls is indeed well named and should become an absolute must for being that pervert that you are.