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mr-skin-discountMr Skin did what all of us wanted to do with top rated movies and TV shows and that is to fast forward to the good parts. All the celebrities you can think of are all here which means they have a huge database. Don’t miss the Mr Skin minute where he discusses the new scenes where celebrities show some skin. He even tells everyone where the good parts are so everyone would know where to fast forward to.

They even have scenes that date way back from 4 decades ago when movies would have such lovely nude scenes. You knew you would want to buy a movie then completely ignore the story so you can fast forward to the good parts. This website does all the hard work for you so you can masturbate at more scenes. There are some nude scenes that made celebrities famous and you can watch them over and over again. There is no doubt these scenes would get stuck in your mind for quite some time. You will get shocked at some of your celebrities because you did not know they had such wonderful nipples. 

The membership with the Mr Skin discount is without a doubt worth every penny. You can’t expect much hardcore scenes here but the beauty of the celebrities here would more than make up for it. The number of A-list celebrities here including the stars of Game of Thrones and Californication would more than spice up your cock. You are going to find out what to watch out for in the cinemas due to the minute telling you if there are any nude scenes there. Your eyes will certainly light up when you see the new nude scenes either out on Blu-Ray or DVD on stores everywhere.

It will only be a matter of time before you bring your hard cock out and ejaculate it as hard as you can. This is a great site as the navigation is easy and the design of the site is as sleek as it gets. Even the logo of Mr Skin is very appealing and you would find yourself wanting to become a member of the site in no time. 

Blacks on Blondes Deal

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blacks-on-blondes-discountThere is nothing bigger than a big black cock. That is exactly what happens at Blacks on Blondes even though not all the girls here are blondes since some of them have red and even black hair. Of course, you won’t care about that since the important part is the girls get fucked real hard and that is exactly what happens in this site.

It won’t be long before your cock gets hard and you would want to get into the high seas while jacking off as nothing would feel better than getting to cum. You are going to see a lot of good interracial porn here.

There is a lot of bonus sites here to keep you company while you wait for the next update and all of them have the interracial theme so fans of that would really be happy. However, some bonus sites are not updating but that is expected as some of the owners have decided to move on to other stuff.

Most of the videos here at Blacks on Blondes are already in high definition and that is something all porn fans would enjoy. There are 599 videos and galleries here as that may not sound like an impressive number to some but it is bound to grow as time passes by. The Dogfart Network is a network composed of 20 quality sites and you are going to get access to the rest of the sites once you become a member here. There are a lot of girls here and they exist in variety as you will see some petite small breasted chicks and some big breasted fat ones.

There is certainly one girl for each porn fan as all of us like different girls. Some won’t even get hard at the sight of girls who have small breasts and a hairy pussy. It would be nice to have that shaved so nothing is covering the clit as the sight of that will get anybody hard. For sure, the best part of Blacks on Blondes is the current offers and their video content.

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mofos-discountBow down to greatness, that is MOFOS! We are back on their site checking out the goods and keeping an eye on this super hardcore network that is a sister site to Brazzers. Really, we should say no more. Since, both are household names, but for those of you still dragging your feet let’s take a look inside and see what MOFOS actually offers you.

MOFOS Delivers Time and Time Again

The first fantastic offering is their content, which is hardcore all the way. MOFOS has never tip-toed around that which makes us horny, this is why we love them. Whether it is public sex, gang-bangs, anal or anything else that gives you a buzz, MOFOS will deliver.

One membership will give you access to all of their 13 sites, that is why they are called a network. Sites like ‘In Gangs we Bang’, ‘Day with a Porn Star’, ‘Teens at Work’ you have to know that this is kink extreme.

Whopping Big Content and Updates 10 Times a Week!

The site has massive content with thousands of scenes and full length films, but better still it is updated at least 10 times a week. Yes, you heard right, that is ten times!

Interracial, MILF, teen, anal, big tits, small tits, bouncy asses it is all here and more. Downloads are unlimited and the dirt is exclusive to the MOFOS discount and its network. You can watch at various resolutions and formats include MPEG, MP4 and flash live streaming.

Amateur Girls Galore!

OK, so you see that there are thousands of scenes, but they also have over 1600 different amateur girls on their site. Yep, these are amateur girls that could easily live next door to you or I that are busy fucking their hearts out for our pleasure. Imagine how cool it would be if you saw somebody you knew. That would just be mindblowing!

MOFOS has a lot to contend with when it comes to Internet porn as there are just so many sites out there that are all pretty amazing. The good news is that they do indeed deliver and we absolutely love them for that. What are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up now to check out some amazing sex.

Devils Film Discount

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devils-film-promo-codeLooking for a site that delivers hardcore? A site that has a nice variety of models and genres ranging from MILF to She-male? Then look no further. The Devils Film brigade have got that market taped!

A Gorgeous Blonde Banging with a Strap-On

They are currently boasting about their new site and new look and I have to say it is impressive. The thumbnails look positively delicious. A gorgeous blonde giving a guy anal sex with a strap-on is hardly hum-drum. From ‘Chocolate Cheerleaders’ to ‘Boffing the Baby Sitter’ your stay on Devils Film will certainly be a kinky and interesting one.

Check Out Sasha Grey, Phoenix Marie and Alexis Texas

They also have the hottest models on the books, whether you are talking male models, females or something in between. Sasha Grey, Phoenix Marie, Tori Black are household names and Alexis Texas has led to a new obsession, at least with me!

Okay so now you are interested, let’s take a look at what the Devils Film promo code is offering. The main part is the DVD section which is freaking awesome. These DVDs are mouth watering, right from their highly designed covers to the dirty smut that you will find inside. Plus, delight of all delights, there are two new DVDS every month.

Raunchiness Personified

Titles like, ‘My Wife Caught Me Ass fucking Her Mother’, has got to turn a few heads. Not necessarily the one on your neck! ‘My New White Step Daddy’ and ‘It’s Okay, She’s My Mother-in-law’ should give one an idea of the kinkiness and depravity of this site. If you are not into full length DVDs, then there are scenes to watch and plenty of them. 6, 000 plus scenes, unlimited downloads and HD quality are not to turn your nose at. Particularly when the scenes are bound to tickle your taste buds.

Tranny porn, anal, strap-on, Asian hookers, huge jugs, interracial and much more shows that there is never a dull moment. This site is definitely not for the faint hearted. So, fasten your seat belts and enjoy!

The layout is fantastic, everything is where it is supposed to be and easy to find. There are big names involved in this outfit, including Rocco Siffredi, Tera Patrick, Silvia Saint and a gargantuan list of who-who in porn. There are currently over 3000 models working on the site. Do yourself a favor and go and test the goods for yourself, that is the best way to find out if the goods are for you and trust me, they will be!