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college-rules-discountEvery place on this planet has some type of rules that people around that particular spot adhere to. Inside the site “College Rules” people, specifically students follow the rule that everyone is here to have sex fun and possibly “nut” more than one time! But seriously, this coed party site is crazy good and does have some good enough porn. But what genres are they covering? How much do they have? Is the site manageable? What do you get for your membership package deal? All these question deserve some response so welcome to this review and let us begin.

Number one, you will get to be in a position where hot coed babes are all around you inside this site. But also, it’s important that you are aware from the very begin that this site is where you can only stream the content they have and not download it. Glad we got that out of the way, back to the site! The gals inside are students who use their naked breast to wipe the desire back into your loins.

Inside the members area, you notice that they bit everything to be as simple as possible so no complex tasks for you to accomplish just to get to see some great party orgy students fucking all over the campus! You just get to smile, look at College Rules discount content, get information and descriptions, get previews, and use thumbnails to select content you need to start with.

The site insist on holding on to the theme that the content is user submitted, original, authentic, thrilling and real coed sex fun content. The students will normal do things that either involve teasing, sex games, nakedness, penetration, actual sex, toys, booze, and lots of pretty coed gals. It’s just great seeing how much they let loose like a runaway goose inside this site. Young people tend to have more energy, less inhibitions, tolerance, more creativity, and constantly bulging libido levels that make them have sex all the time. That is exactly what these porn deals is fully committed to showing. The filming is supposed to be amateur, but somehow still remains high quality. Some scenes are out of focus, shaky, but if you are true fan of amateur sexual video content, this just makes you more aroused, right? Anyway, it’s all watchable stuff. There are HD movies inside.

No material inside that can be labeled as any bonus material, sorry. You do get to have a quality site, sections, even discounts on deals on subscription to other paysites. In addition, we should never ever forget that you are getting College Rules and all the coed sex that comes with it. They are growing, things will definitely take a new form as they change stuff, but we like them. Now as they are, we do like them.

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sweetheart-video-promo-codeSweetheart Video is the best site to join if your adulation for the female pussy is at an all time high. If you love looking at it, smelling it, enjoy looking at those who enjoy doing nasty things to it until it responds with body shaking intensity…this is also the site for you! If you want to see only ladies help other ladies reach orgasms and have lesbian relation with another woman, guess what? this is the site to join. The kinetic action inside is all gal-gal sexual play and if that is what you have been hunting for constantly all over for, welcome!

If you want to go there, reach sexual climax, then you know for a woman there are so many different routes they can take. The ladies inside this site do not feel the need to clamor for hard cocks, but they turn to other pussy loving lesbians to help them wank that clit straight into the galaxy, so to speak! If you appreciate seeing such explosive lunacy, then this site is made to make you mad. The gals inside this site are working towards pussy because in real life they love pussy, in other words, they are real lesbians. Why is this important for you? Well the content they create ends up with indescribable moments of realism when two lesbians are fucking.

The studio making this cunt delicious material only messes around with bisexual and lesbian women. Food without salt is tasteless, has no sting! Consider the part of the gals that’s lesbian and bisexual as the salt in this case, therefore the food (read here…cunt, sex, lesbian pussy) that they go to eat taste so good, delicious, making them return day after day. In all honestly, we can talk about the lesbian thing all day, but we would rather let the 531 videos inside talk to you. You will be able to get away with HD quality lesbian clarity when you click on the 1080p res movies.

The erotically older movies still are things you can see, touch, appreciate. The gals use hands, fingers, moths, toys, vibratos, sucking, and all available means to extract orgasms in one on one, threesome, and orgy sessions. The collection is made up of over 953 picture sets. Images looks polished, lighted nicely in order to highlight the triple, quadruple effect you get to feel while looking at beautiful lesbians sucking cunt. You will have formats, navigational means, simple site design, a touch of feminine feel in the color design. You also have 4 bonus sites from Mile High Network.

What you pay for and what you get is an incredibly good deal sponsored by the good people of Sweetheart Video promo code committee. Are they the best lesbian site? Possibly? Can you join them? Definitely. Should you even try? Absolutely. Once they start making you run, you really will not be able or want to ever stop, welcome!

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dare-dorm-discountDare Dorm just uses the pleasurable times that many students have on campus, including lots of sex, and bring you material that is spicy and very palatable. What they have been doing is not so unbelievable because we all know coed students have the most active pussies and dicks known to man! Young people like fucking! that is what this site explores in full detail. The site asks students from different schools/universities to have sex on camera and send them the tape. Why? To win cash of course. They do it especially when the prize money is ten thousand American dollars!

Many people can retell of days in campus when all there seem to be going on was parties, sex, coeds in short shorts, and then more sex. College days can be filled with startling copious amount of sexual intercourse, (someone should write a paper on that or something). The sexual intercourse is often messy, wild, weird at times, and constantly repeated. That is how the site gets more material to offer you…the lover of coed pornography.

The fact that they are young, and drowning in booze, means that anything is up for grabs. Games with naked consequences, toy play, solo, hardcore public sex, orgies and parties, stripping, and so many other varieties that only creative and horny coed can come up with are all available inside. For you to come to a definitive realization of the dexterity of the students having multiple sexual encounters, you can visit the tour page. They have free previews there. 2 weeks is how long you wait for new action. The Dare Dorm discount site is constantly saying all content is user submitted. We don’t judge, don’t care, the content is still very racy and attractive.

They got more than one hundred and thirty episodes. Stream only content so only format you get is flv. The episodes tend to run for close to one hour, long enough to have you maybe cum multiple items per episodes if you are good at it, just maybe! Each picture-set has individual images. The biggest one had 200+ pictures inside. We found resolution for streaming 1080p, 720p HD. Under the mantra “extras”, they got third party feeds, but the links to other sites you pay, at a discount of course. Dealing with sexually charged young coeds is fun no doubt about it.

When those soft coed bodies show up, all you want is to suck, or be sucked, and if not you want to watch then get fucked. If coed porn turns you on, this reality-based porn paysite will do even more for you. There are things they have to implement more successfully or change all together, but Dare Dorm…not bad, check them out.