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One my greatest realizations in life is that you don’t need something too complicated to make things much more interesting. Sometimes, the simplest choices are the ones that could give you the kind of happiness that you have been looking for since, let’s say, forever!

VideoBox is created in pure simplicity with a super easy to skim interface. The amazing part is that it does not discount the fact that it has truly a massive amount of high quality content. And if your massive by definition is something to the effect of only a thousand videos, then it would just make sense for you to think that this is a god and the father of all the best prurient resources across the internet globe. Then again, to see is to believe, so let me give you a couple hints on how this would come off for you.

The last time I checked, which was back in November, there were right about 17,900 videos. As usual, it had a growth with a rate of 50 videos per week. But this month, updates have reported that the site has now gone to the 18,800 mark, which is an awesome Christmas treat for all of the subscribers out there. The videos are good for an average of 120 minutes each. Yup, and it’s all because these are all DVD rips so it’s a full movies galore for you! There’s a model index for your convenience. You know it’s easy to fall in love with them damn chicks, right?

Additionally, the site runs in any of the latest browsers. While streaming is the main function of the site, the videos are also available for download. All that and more are offered by our VideoBox discount for a price of only $12.00. Enjoy!