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So, recently, I was watching this video called “asking girls for sex in Europe” and I really have to say the results are definitely more positive than for the American populace. I mean, America is a liberated country, but most of its women would want to inhibit themselves from expressing what they really want when what they wear everyday is just a snap away from being naked. And since I can’t really come to Europe yet to do my own version of that social experiment, I decided to see how their porn industry goes so I can get a heads up of proper approaching techniques and whatnot. Man, I gotta say the Tainster discount has been of really big help, which is why today I’m going to do you the favor of reviewing it.

What is Tainster?

For anybody who has the affinity for European babes and for anyone who has the strong pursuit to get to know how these women roll, they should perhaps root for the contents of Tainster. At first, I couldn’t make sense of the site’s name, but then it occurred to me how it is relevant to the European audience and it couldn’t have made more sense than that. Tainster.com basically goes to say “tainted” which is an image people would think of in the prurient sense as a notion they give for European girls. Through this site, you will be able to witness these smokin’ hot babes get pounded by purely defined muscle-men as well as an epic penetration with your girlfriend should you watch the videos together. Trust me, it would be really helpful to sustain a healthy sex life. 

Tainster, mind you, is a massive porn resource. Even though it targets the European landscapes of sexiness, you will enjoy more than you could think of. There are over 3000 full length videos here ranging from hotel room scenes to parties and orgies and naked spring baths and whatnot. The videos could run up to 50 minutes, which gives a total movie experience that’s all about love, sex and magic. If you are subscribed to the site, you will have the privilege of downloading any of the videos you want without any limits on a daily basis. Simply put, you get what your money’s worth. And for a rating, I’d give it a 9.2 over 10 because I believe there are still some improvements that could be made possible with the interface of the site, perhaps an advanced search option would make the perfect score.