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nuru-massage-promo-codeNuru Massage – the porn site- is all about massages and oil and sex. The word NURU comes from a Japanese form of massage that is very special. Why is it special and what is special about this site? Let’s find out!

In the Japanese massage art called NURU, there is the special oil that is used during the massage. This means that you will see lots of bodies inside this site being all slippery and shinny! This special massage gel is derived from seaweed and other ingredients that we will not bore you with. Alls you need to know is that it really works wonders when used to massage bodies.

Apart from being very slippery, this special gel is colorless, tasteless, and smooth. Now here is how the action inside this site starts and finishes. First, there is the shower scene, then the rubbing and oiling and massaging, finally we have full out hardcore sex!

The person doing the massage is naked, the person receiving it is naked, slippery bodies…basically, sex was really the only outcome! Now that we all know what this site is about let’s find out a little bit more! The videos inside (we mean all of them basically) start the same way and have the same plotline. The difference is the performers and the sexy oily babes doing so much massaging and pleasuring!

The types of gals who usually dish out this kind of massage are mostly Asian. They look like they take great pride in their work. You will find that they have some 165+ movies and 165+ picture galleries inside this site. The movies you can have them in formats like windows media, mp4, flv, and for the pics you can download them (ZIP file). You will be so happy looking at the high definition movies of slippery massage sex, which is what this site offers with their Nuru Massage promo code access. Even the pictures are respectable when you look at the resolution sizes and quality. And with each passing week, you will find that something new has been added in the galleries for your watching pleasure.

By the time you get through with the material inside, you will be suffering from two things. 1) a mighty stiff prick and 2) this urgent need to go and get a massage (nuru if possible!) the hardcore sex you will see inside includes blowjobs, hand jobs, anal, boob job, pussy penetration, and other hardcore niches even some lesbian action.

With membership, you get 3 other sites, which will give you more massage action. The site has navigation that is cut and fitted for all users. The thumbnails you will see inside are for the updates. There is information, browsing options, clips, tools, and navigation features. If you like oil, sexy Asians, massages niche, and hardcore sex, then Nuru Massage really is for you. Get your membership. Don’t waste a single minute, do it now!