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$19.95 for one month

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All Japanese Pass network is packed with some 20 plus sites inside and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best Japanese networks in the market. Why is that? Because they offer a real deep collection of porn niches and movies that you cannot pass up. When we looked around, they had collected some 4800+ DVD movies and that translates to 20600+ scenes! That is just a whole lot of porn for one measly membership pass right there! The things you will see inside will make you have a newfound appreciation for Japanese porn. Let’s begin!

They have hardcore, amateur, milfs, teens, pornstars, models, big boobs, fetish, and any other genre that you can think of inside this massive network. They have been doing multiple updates every week, no wonder they are so bloated with material. When you get inside you will be confronted with the user interface. Here, you will travel either to the individual sites inside, or you will browse the material that is found across the network. With both options, what you get is tagged material and categories. These help to dissect the material inside further for easier navigation. The model index is also thrown in there as well as updates. You will find that they have information about the updates and descriptions also. The design works like it should and makes your life so completely stress free.

With thousands of scenes inside the galleries, you have to expect that some of the older action drops when it comes to quality. They have been doing super cool full HD additions over the past years so there is plenty of that kind of action. They have all the essentials, that is, video download and streaming, zip file, formats for videos, and different sizes when it comes to pictures.

Now the sites cover various categories of porn. They do Cosplay rather spectacularly and the babes take part in all the mainstream hardcore niches. There are some sites inside that cater for those seeking more intense fetishes like bizarre porn, they have hentai action as well, and a “shaving site” that will shock and please. If there was ever a site that was ambidextrous with the kind of niches that they cover, we think that these guys would walk away with first, second, and third prize!

They have done the research; they have come up with a network that caters for all Asian hardcore fans! They have a bit of something for all your taste, and the network is professional in design, navigation, features, and production. They represent the Asian porn market with incredible mastery and it would be wise to check them out. All Japanese Pass network is real value for your money, membership here will be very valuable to you!