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college-rules-discountEvery place on this planet has some type of rules that people around that particular spot adhere to. Inside the site “College Rules” people, specifically students follow the rule that everyone is here to have sex fun and possibly “nut” more than one time! But seriously, this coed party site is crazy good and does have some good enough porn. But what genres are they covering? How much do they have? Is the site manageable? What do you get for your membership package deal? All these question deserve some response so welcome to this review and let us begin.

Number one, you will get to be in a position where hot coed babes are all around you inside this site. But also, it’s important that you are aware from the very begin that this site is where you can only stream the content they have and not download it. Glad we got that out of the way, back to the site! The gals inside are students who use their naked breast to wipe the desire back into your loins.

Inside the members area, you notice that they bit everything to be as simple as possible so no complex tasks for you to accomplish just to get to see some great party orgy students fucking all over the campus! You just get to smile, look at College Rules discount content, get information and descriptions, get previews, and use thumbnails to select content you need to start with.

The site insist on holding on to the theme that the content is user submitted, original, authentic, thrilling and real coed sex fun content. The students will normal do things that either involve teasing, sex games, nakedness, penetration, actual sex, toys, booze, and lots of pretty coed gals. It’s just great seeing how much they let loose like a runaway goose inside this site. Young people tend to have more energy, less inhibitions, tolerance, more creativity, and constantly bulging libido levels that make them have sex all the time. That is exactly what this site is fully committed to showing. The filming on is supposed to be amateur, but somehow still remains high quality. Some scenes are out of focus, shaky, but if you are true fan of amateur sexual video content, this just makes you more aroused, right? Anyway, it’s all watchable stuff. There are HD movies inside.

No material inside that can be labeled as any bonus material, sorry. You do get to have a quality site, sections, even discounts on deals on subscription to other paysites. In addition, we should never ever forget that you are getting College Rules and all the coed sex that comes with it. They are growing, things will definitely take a new form as they change stuff, but we like them. Now as they are, we do like them.

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sweetheart-video-promo-codeSweetheart Video is the best site to join if your adulation for the female pussy is at an all time high. If you love looking at it, smelling it, enjoy looking at those who enjoy doing nasty things to it until it responds with body shaking intensity…this is also the site for you! If you want to see only ladies help other ladies reach orgasms and have lesbian relation with another woman, guess what? this is the site to join. The kinetic action inside is all gal-gal sexual play and if that is what you have been hunting for constantly all over for, welcome!

If you want to go there, reach sexual climax, then you know for a woman there are so many different routes they can take. The ladies inside this site do not feel the need to clamor for hard cocks, but they turn to other pussy loving lesbians to help them wank that clit straight into the galaxy, so to speak! If you appreciate seeing such explosive lunacy, then this site is made to make you mad. The gals inside this site are working towards pussy because in real life they love pussy, in other words, they are real lesbians. Why is this important for you? Well the content they create ends up with indescribable moments of realism when two lesbians are fucking.

The studio making this cunt delicious material only messes around with bisexual and lesbian women. Food without salt is tasteless, has no sting! Consider the part of the gals that’s lesbian and bisexual as the salt in this case, therefore the food (read here…cunt, sex, lesbian pussy) that they go to eat taste so good, delicious, making them return day after day. In all honestly, we can talk about the lesbian thing all day, but we would rather let the 531 videos inside talk to you. You will be able to get away with HD quality lesbian clarity when you click on the 1080p res movies.

The erotically older movies still are things you can see, touch, appreciate. The gals use hands, fingers, moths, toys, vibratos, sucking, and all available means to extract orgasms in one on one, threesome, and orgy sessions. The collection is made up of over 953 picture sets. Images looks polished, lighted nicely in order to highlight the triple, quadruple effect you get to feel while looking at beautiful lesbians sucking cunt. You will have formats, navigational means, simple site design, a touch of feminine feel in the color design. You also have 4 bonus sites from Mile High Network.

What you pay for and what you get is an incredibly good deal sponsored by the good people of Sweetheart Video promo code committee. Are they the best lesbian site? Possibly? Can you join them? Definitely. Should you even try? Absolutely. Once they start making you run, you really will not be able or want to ever stop, welcome!

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dare-dorm-discountDare Dorm just uses the pleasurable times that many students have on campus, including lots of sex, and bring you material that is spicy and very palatable. What they have been doing is not so unbelievable because we all know coed students have the most active pussies and dicks known to man! Young people like fucking! that is what this site explores in full detail. The site asks students from different schools/universities to have sex on camera and send them the tape. Why? To win cash of course. They do it especially when the prize money is ten thousand American dollars!

Many people can retell of days in campus when all there seem to be going on was parties, sex, coeds in short shorts, and then more sex. College days can be filled with startling copious amount of sexual intercourse, (someone should write a paper on that or something). The sexual intercourse is often messy, wild, weird at times, and constantly repeated. That is how the site gets more material to offer you…the lover of coed pornography.

The fact that they are young, and drowning in booze, means that anything is up for grabs. Games with naked consequences, toy play, solo, hardcore public sex, orgies and parties, stripping, and so many other varieties that only creative and horny coed can come up with are all available inside. For you to come to a definitive realization of the dexterity of the students having multiple sexual encounters, you can visit the tour page. They have free previews there. 2 weeks is how long you wait for new action. The Dare Dorm discount site is constantly saying all content is user submitted. We don’t judge, don’t care, the content is still very racy and attractive.

They got more than one hundred and thirty episodes. Stream only content so only format you get is flv. The episodes tend to run for close to one hour, long enough to have you maybe cum multiple items per episodes if you are good at it, just maybe! Each picture-set has individual images. The biggest one had 200+ pictures inside. We found resolution for streaming 1080p, 720p HD. Under the mantra “extras”, they got third party feeds, but the links to other sites you pay, at a discount of course. Dealing with sexually charged young coeds is fun no doubt about it.

When those soft coed bodies show up, all you want is to suck, or be sucked, and if not you want to watch then get fucked. If coed porn turns you on, this reality-based porn paysite will do even more for you. There are things they have to implement more successfully or change all together, but Dare Dorm…not bad, check them out.

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Passion HD is a porn paysite that is up against many other such like sites in the market and what they must do is to construct everything they have more engaging than what other competitors have in the market. Can they? Only if they use high quality equipment. Only if the use the most pornographic sexy babes. And these two things they do in profusion inside this site. Moreover, the name doesn’t mean that they make softcore pornography, it just stands for the forceful zeal the ladies have while they perform. So cock penetration is allowed, very much so, inside this site. You get to have facials and threesome sex and all that.

Inside the site, two options, scenes and models. It may look weird to you but it does become very efficient after you spend some time with them. You will be able to look through the content using the list of models or the rating/popularity that they have inside. They have over four hundred and forty six movies and equal or more amount of picture galleries. As for the ration of updates that members look at weekly, it still is multiple additions so additional porn is coming your way.

The content they have is big enough for them to do something about offering more navigational options. They have to help their members move better inside their site, move easier, find more content faster. The basic tools inside our Passion HD discount access don’t cut it in this jagged porn business and if they want to remain relevant with a great user interface, changes must be undertaken. Okay, we have said our peace, now back to the current site. You will find that they have a mindset inside about the direction of the material. Its more glamour infused but it still has hard sex happening.

You do get many petite gals. You get young ones. You have natural looking models, gals that can be your neighbor or you can envisage them on the street. Check out the model index. All things new are HD shot quality; all things old are still HD quality. It’s in their title so they have to give out HD quality movies. The POV material featuring amateur sex is going to make you believe that it’s your dong getting labored on so hard. It’s one of the favorite camera-filming techniques that we enjoy. Just makes things so much easier when you see the POV shots.

Mainly you will come across material that develops like this – boy meets gal or gals – gal or gals give boy nice blowjob – boy holds his seed for some fucking or cums all over cute gals face. However, what we cannot lay down in cold hard words is the sexual instinct that the lovely performers display for us. Its procreation with erotic loving sensuality inside Passion HD. Ain’t it time you got over there and checked them out? We think you should.

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anilos-discountI love mature women for a lot of reasons. You can simply learn just too much from them compared to people of your age who knows nothing but to watch basketball and wait an entire year for the Super Bowl Half Time Show. The most exciting part about mature women is that they are more open about a lot of things, sex in particular. Just imagine you are left at home with your little brother’s 35-year old babysitter, and you are 20. You single her out in a room, maybe in the kitchen and you give her the signals and trust me, she will give you hers. And it will be both your secret! This is the usual situation with the golden treasures of Anilos.

The word just seems really new, I know, so you don’t have to worry if you think you’re the only one who doesn’t know about it because that is not at all true. To clear you off your qualms, Anilos actually means something involving mature women with the higher regard they put for themselves, in every single way. In short, even in the field of sensuality, they want to have the dominance and feel as if they are the ones who teach while the young ones are for them to be taught. I wouldn’t mind and that would actually be heaven for me! Through the website, you’ll be seeing scenarios like this and just like magic, you’ll find something new in every episodes.

Real talk, no man does not love mature women who can still do their thing. That is my way of saying you and I are not excluded from that reality and that you will love the site just as much as I. To give you an idea of how much you are looking forward to, there are 1,400 plus high definition videos, each being an awesome 20 to 40-minute treat. All the mothers here are smoking hot and they have the bodies of a fitness instructor who does yoga with big but cheeks and lovely curves. Plus, there are bonus specials that you can look out for every week, so don’t go missing out on that.

If you want to see how it would be if your fantasies turned into reality about fucking hot moms and whatnot, the Anilos discount deal is truly the go-getter choice for you. Furthermore, the subscription does not only include the streaming, but also the downloading.

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I’ve been missing out on a lot of things lately and it’s been really chaotic. One thing I did realize, though, is that the chaos is essential for it is what drives one to create true art. Art is basically everywhere and it is because the world is imperfect, and that’s the beauty of it. Art is even in the act of sensuality, the immersion of two bodies coming together as one maybe for a transitory moment or for a lifetime. Either way, sex is art for both are in resonation to a single flow. We can see this happening through Hegre Art.

The thing about art is that if you put a name to it, it should be something catchy and unworldly. That is basically the setting of the creator’s mind upon coming up with the name of their artistically sensual website. They’ve been in the industry for over 5 years now and have since been orchestrating the most expressive and invoking ways to do sex. As you enter the thresholds, you will feel some kind of eccentricism that really draws the sweet queerness in you. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that they have somehow adapted the ways of the famous Penthouse and Playboy mags, especially with their virtual and uncensored renditions. It’s perfect. It’s art.

Much of the things we think about in getting into porn sites would be the thought of having to spend some cash for the subscription. This comes together with the question of worth. Is the Hegre Art discount offer really worth the expense? I’ve just really heard about this site from a friend, who recommended it to me and now I have not at all any regrets with the 500 plus magical videos that I get to enjoy that comes together with photo galleries that really ice up the cake all the more. Each vid would be good for around 7 to 30 minutes each. To that end, you can filter the search results regarding the length of the videos, the categories they come from or the models who take part of the episode.

So far, my Hegre Art experience has been really satisfying. Nevertheless, I still have over 400 videos to watch after a month of nights marathoning the vids! The quality of most, high definition, solid. The models, nowhere below divine. Simply put, it’s amazing.

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rocco-siffredi-promo-codeI don’t need pretty or sexy or hot. I can’t be bothered too much with aesthetics, the world’s full of it. But when she is able to sing every song I love, appreciates the Beatles as vastly as I do, laughs at my every smirk and shies at my every glance, that’s her. That’s my girl. Screw all your double standards; I want to and will be with her forever. This is what I’ve been trying to contemplate on and recently, I have just stumbled upon the only verification I would ever need. It comes from the glorious porn star, a male, who has been in the industry more than your dog has been licking his balls since the 90’s.

Rocco, well, he’s nothing but an Adonis of the Italianos. Well, tell me, how often do you see one? Almost never. So basically, the odds of finding Rocco is supposed to be one out of billions, but thanks to his porn videos that he has so stringently mastered, he has become recognized to the face of the adult industry and even to the whole of the perverts of the world. Why name the site with his own? It’s because he is the genius behind everything. EVERYTHING. He captures the chicks through his wonderful pickup strategy. Groundbreaking I would say.

He even gets to film the videos sometimes with the POV films. Nevertheless, without him, the site wouldn’t exist, the best porn videos in the world won’t exist, motivation from the suck ass shy guys out there won’t ever happen. He’s just everything the industry needs for prosperous growth and meaningful expansion.

As a one man site, Rocco Siffredi has been successful in creating and maintaining a site with more than 1,100 videos housed by him and several hundreds or even thousands of chicks with great boobies, magical booties and Nutella looking sweet bitchy black ladies. Subscribing to the site is like joining him in his endeavors. You get the real feel and the real thrill!

You don’t only get to enjoy the nude part of the videos, you also get to benefit from the words of wisdom by this Casanova. Rocco Siffredi is the only real guy you need for illustrated advice on his to be a better man for any girl out there. Deal Discount

It’s No Joke, This is the Best Deal

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deals-button course, it goes without saying that we should never do any generalization. If you know someone who’s stupid in their kind, then don’t come to say all of them are stupid as a group. A lot of commonly labeled people I know are reasonable, respectable people; they have decent manners that match their intellectual acumen. But the Internet is a crazy thing – it effuses bravery out cowards, arrogance out of the meek.

I pity these people who so ridicule others online because they have nothing better to do with their lives – their supposed brilliance is superseded by their sheer arrogance. Their ignorance is enabled by their typewriting capability. And they would even say won’t go a long way, but look where it’s at now. It gets reviewed by thousands of people across the world…

You know what Penthouse is? Do you have at least a tad bit of an idea on what it is really all about? If you know the ancient Playboy Magazine, then it would be unfair for you to not know what our main subject is all about. Basically, to end your pain, it’s a magazine company too focused on producing sensual and soft core porno magazines. And when the internet came, they have decided to make an immense turning point to their course of endeavor. They have been in tight competitions with the Playboy company and are well known for their weekly specialties where even the most reserved of their models would come to join the orgies and other filmed sex acts. It’s a way to say it’s a porn site that knows no limits in creating amazing nude content.

In the site, you will be able to gain access to their archives which would be the old magazine issues they’ve had all the way to the new ones. Now, that is something, a price for an all-in-one package that will do nothing but complete your day. As such, they have over 2,000 plus videos for you to watch and each vid would be good for at least 25 minutes. Downloads are unlimited and you can also enjoy the artistic porno photos. 

One of the best things about the discount package is that they are housed by truly elegant models, who tread like goddess on this concrete world of pavements.

Sapphic Erotica Deal

Sapphic Erotica Discount

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You know what they say about love? They say it moves in the most mysterious ways. We grow up thinking that we are what our biological build supposes us to be. But as we journey in our lives, we come to realize that the outer is just a facade and the real us can only be seen if we rip ourselves apart from the inside. What I’m trying to say is that some guys go guy to fall in love with guys and some girls go lesbo to fall in love with girls. And while I was skeptic about the whole lesbian porn idea, I’ve just been proved of its substantiality in the recent times. Thanks to Sapphic Erotica, so read on for my quick review on it.

Erotica of girls on girls, I’ve seen this happen in real life, so I can really testify that it’s nothing below hot. Just as an observer, I was able to feel some kind of euphoria building inside me. They would just watch me ogle over them and then they would tease me for my masturbation. It was the best experience and I get to relive it through the videos of of Sapphic Erotica. It comes off for me as a magnum opus of all the lesbian porn sites across the net globe.

There are faces that you would come to know, but the real amazing part about this site, apart from the lesbian action itself, would be the options for you to choose from. You can filter the content according to the boob size that you want, the faces you want to see and other filters that would make the results on point with what you want. The Sapphic Erotica discount label has been graded A for several reasons, which are as follows:

  • 1,500 scenes that are of high quality rendition
  • Many videos that are in HD
  • Hard core lesbian porn videos
  • Smoking hot model
  • Purely arousing porn action of girls on girls

Should you want to take the show anywhere you want, especially for times when you want to jizz off at some place public, there’s always the option to download. With all of that being said, it’s probably one of the best lesbian porn choices you get for only $14.99. Enjoy!

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One my greatest realizations in life is that you don’t need something too complicated to make things much more interesting. Sometimes, the simplest choices are the ones that could give you the kind of happiness that you have been looking for since, let’s say, forever!

VideoBox is created in pure simplicity with a super easy to skim interface. The amazing part is that it does not discount the fact that it has truly a massive amount of high quality content. And if your massive by definition is something to the effect of only a thousand videos, then it would just make sense for you to think that this is a god and the father of all the best prurient resources across the internet globe. Then again, to see is to believe, so let me give you a couple hints on how this would come off for you.

The last time I checked, which was back in November, there were right about 17,900 videos. As usual, it had a growth with a rate of 50 videos per week. But this month, updates have reported that the site has now gone to the 18,800 mark, which is an awesome Christmas treat for all of the subscribers out there. The videos are good for an average of 120 minutes each. Yup, and it’s all because these are all DVD rips so it’s a full movies galore for you! There’s a model index for your convenience. You know it’s easy to fall in love with them damn chicks, right?

Additionally, the site runs in any of the latest browsers. While streaming is the main function of the site, the videos are also available for download. All that and more are offered by our VideoBox discount for a price of only $12.00. Enjoy!


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povd-discountThere are almost unlimited free porn sites online but still people sign up in pay sites every day. It’s because they want high quality and desired contents. There are a lot of sites who state to provide high quality contents but if you check out some you can find good quality not high. So it’s very important to check out the site and some contents before signing up on any. If you really crave for high quality porn and sexy young porn stars then you can go for POVD. I’m a pure hardcore and HD video fan so I signed up here myself and I can say that if they say they provide HD videos they really mean it.

POVD is a fresh site and from the beginning they are providing ‘cutting edge’ quality photos and videos for the members. After signing in you can get the members area that has impressive layout. You can use the search tools too to search your desired contents. You can easily find the main menu that includes a button named as ‘models’. If you want to check out the contents by model you can also do that here. Each of the models has their short bios here too. Some of them are so cute that they can make you horny only by smiling a bit.

There are over 79 movies available in this site right now and each one of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player for about 25 minutes. All of these are full length movies and members can download them in multiple formats. Formats are MP4, WMV and MPEG. In the videos you will get a lot of young adult chicks getting fucked in different styles. These are not ordinary girls as they are upcoming porn stars carefully chosen for the members viewing enjoyment only. They moan and scream in pain but still want to get more.

Right now our POVD discount offers 79 galleries and each one of them contains about 325 photos. All of these are full screen pictures and they can be easily downloaded in zip files. Right now you will get only 14 models performed in the contents but the quantity is increasing day by day. You won’t get any bonus content but fresh contents are added regularly as updates so it is growing day by day. Finally the site is excellent in the quality of the contents so all it needs is to enrich its collection.

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anal-acrobats-promo-codePeople who love porn know about Evil Angel. It is a famous porn production studio and they provide all their exclusive contents in Evil Angel network. One of a director from this studio is Jay Sin who is famous for his inventive but sensual type of porn contents. Well, this review is not about Jay sin or Evil Angel either it is about a pay site named Anal Acrobats. This site contains contents directed by only Jay Sin and it is also a member of Evil Angel network. So, it is a member of a popular porn network and contains contents directed by a famous porn director which makes this site worth checking out. So, if you want to know more about it you must continue reading.

As it’s a pay site it charges a very small amount for the membership of one month but in exchange you can enjoy all the contents from 40 other bonus sites. So you are getting 40 at the price of one which is actually a great deal. Well, this site was launched almost a decade ago so it already contains a huge amount of anal fucking action itself.

Straight hardcore anal porn lovers can find a lot of little butt holes getting fucked brutally by huge veiny cocks. It’s like no pain, no gain type fucking game going on here. Lesbian porn lovers don’t have to be disappointed as there are a lot of girl on girl lesbian actions here too.

After signing in you can access the member’s area which makes it easy to find desired contents. Here a top menu can take you straight to the videos or the DVDs they come from. Right now there are over 539 videos here and each one can be streamed in an embedded flash player for about 25 minutes. All of these are full movies and members can download them in WMV and MP4 formats. As the site is focused on anal fucking you will get a lot of butt hole licking, fingering, toying and finally ass fucking in the videos.

The Anal Acrobats promo code offers over 244 galleries and each one of them includes about 30 photos. All of these are full screen photos and members can easily download them in zip files. As the photos are taken by professionals you will get a lot of perfect shots here. So, if you compare the price you pay with the amount of content you get you can find out the difference yourself.

PlumperPass Deal

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plumperpass-discountPeople have different tastes and that’s why some like extra petite skinny teens with perky nipples and sloppy ass while others love heavy fleshy women with real huge boobs and fleshy ass. The porn site I’m reviewing now is named PlumperPass and it actually focuses on hardcore sex featuring all BBW fetish girls. It is a site where you will find gorgeous fat women who have big tits, curvy bellies and huge fleshy asses. You won’t find another site like this as all of their contents are exclusive and high quality. They got a huge number of collection and a lot of sexy fatties in it. If you are a fan of women with beautiful face and a huge layer of flesh all over their body then you must continue reading as there are a lot to come yet.

Since July 2007 PlumperPass is the heaven for BBW lovers. This site is presented by the guys from Sensual Video INC. They are well experienced in porn production and all their high definition videos and high resolution photos can be found here. After signing in you will land on the homepage where all the updates are displayed. If a person visits this site once and checks out some of their curvy babes he will definitely want to see more and come back again. These huge babes get fucked by some tough guys with big dicks. You will also get original anal, oral, dildo, blowjob, lactating, double penetration and a lot of kinky contents.

You will find more than 1,946 videos right now in the PlumperPass discount realm and all of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player for approximately 24 minutes. Members can download them in MP4 and M4V formats. You will get at least one video or photo gallery added everyday as update. There is no update log but all the contents are dated. Old movies may not be that high in quality but recently added ones are all available in HD.

You will also get 1,946 galleries in it and each one of them contains average 200 photos. You will get a lot of busty babes posing sexily for the camera. All of them can be downloaded easily in Zip files. Members can download as much they want as there is no download limit. More than 400 models can be found among the contents so there’s a lot to check out here.

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manojob-discountThere are so many porn sites online that features various porn categories. Among them some feature only specific type of contents and categories. ManoJob is one such type of porn site and it focuses on hand jobs and hardcore sex. Mano job actually means hand job and girls here are really expert in giving hand jobs. Well, hand job is a very popular thing and it gets more fun when it is the soft hands of gorgeous babes. Well, I was not a hand job fan at the very beginning but I always had excessive interest in knowing about everything that comes in my way. So when I first saw the ad page of this site I was pretty curious as it contains thousands of hand job movies in the site. I decided to give it a try and checked out some of its contents. Continue reading to find out what happened.

Typically guys fuck girls and they scream or moan in pleasure but here in ManoJob girls rub cock in a variety of styles and the guys actually moan in some cases which are totally different than all other sites and their contents. This site was launched in January 2006 by the people at Fabulous Cash. For the hand job fans it’s a piece of heaven where lots of horny mature and amateurs can be found rubbing guy cock. This site is member of a network that contains 3 sites so you can enjoy variety of contents from those sites as bonus.

This 9 year old site contains both photos and videos and you can improve your handy skills by watching them. Right now members can enjoy more than 775 clips of approximately 15 minutes each. All of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player or downloaded in multi formats. Formats are WMV, MP4 and M4V. Well, followed by hand job you will also get some licking and fucking too.

Fresh ManoJob discount contents are added regularly as updated but you cannot find any update log. Every week you will get at least 2 photo galleries or videos as update. In the photos section you can find more than 775 galleries and each one of them contains 110 photos. Members can easily download them in Zip files. Please keep in mind that this site has download limits so download carefully only the ones you like most. All the contents are dated so you can keep track.

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Young Legal Porn first opened its doors in like 2001 and they experienced a massive influx of members who were only too willing to come and see what they had to offer. The doors remained open and they grew as they amassed hardcore and lesbian porn featuring the young tight sexual teens that we all love to watch. The site now can be considered mature, even though they trade in the currency of hot, nasty, young teen hardcore porn! We are going to look deeper and see what honey comes dripping out of their young-babes holes!

The tour page shows you the kind of calibre porn you are going to have as a member of this site. There are thumbnails in there that show you the pictures and videos that you will access once you buy your pass. Since you will be instantly hooked and drawn in, you will enter the member’s area and find that these guys were just waiting for you to become a member! You will have 18 to 25 year old super sexy gals and some 1093+ picture sets to look at. Also include is the video gallery with over 1000 videos inside. The site uses a different updating schedule for the pics and the movies. They alternate, on the day you don’t get pictures you get movies. They do multiple updates weekly.

As for the level of quality, you will have the best videos slamming you with their HD quality and sexual action inside the galleries. That means 1080p resolution for those of you who accept nothing but the very best viewing quality. The quality of the pictures is also nice since you get big pixel pictures that can technically quality as high res. Galleries are usually downloaded using the zip file given. You will have the option of adding favourites, which will cut back the time you spend searching for action inside, since everything you want will be right there in one spot. Other options for selecting material are also available including highest rated.

Members can cast their rating votes; feel free inside the site to comment and have features like model index to help them out. They have by now reached over 180 models. The sorting options allow you to select the gorgeous young babe you want. In our case, we wanted them all! The models have different body types so you have a nice variety. They do both softcore and hardcore niches. They do fetishes like peeing and fisting. You get access to one bonus site initially, and this increases to more sites the more you stick with these guys. All this and we haven’t even mentioned the live cams, forums and other features inside.

When it comes to Young Legal Porn, you will find out that it’s not that hard to continuously moan and cum and have copious amounts of fun inside! As a porn site, they look very solid from all aspects and we do recommend them to any porn fanatic, or any porn lover, who feels like they want quality, beautiful, young babes involved in gorgeous hardcore porn! Check them out!

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All Japanese Pass network is packed with some 20 plus sites inside and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best Japanese networks in the market. Why is that? Because they offer a real deep collection of porn niches and movies that you cannot pass up. When we looked around, they had collected some 4800+ DVD movies and that translates to 20600+ scenes! That is just a whole lot of porn for one measly membership pass right there! The things you will see inside will make you have a newfound appreciation for Japanese porn. Let’s begin!

They have hardcore, amateur, milfs, teens, pornstars, models, big boobs, fetish, and any other genre that you can think of inside this massive network. They have been doing multiple updates every week, no wonder they are so bloated with material. When you get inside you will be confronted with the user interface. Here, you will travel either to the individual sites inside, or you will browse the material that is found across the network. With both options, what you get is tagged material and categories. These help to dissect the material inside further for easier navigation. The model index is also thrown in there as well as updates. You will find that they have information about the updates and descriptions also. The design works like it should and makes your life so completely stress free.

With thousands of scenes inside the galleries, you have to expect that some of the older action drops when it comes to quality. They have been doing super cool full HD additions over the past years so there is plenty of that kind of action. They have all the essentials, that is, video download and streaming, zip file, formats for videos, and different sizes when it comes to pictures.

Now the sites cover various categories of porn. They do Cosplay rather spectacularly and the babes take part in all the mainstream hardcore niches. There are some sites inside that cater for those seeking more intense fetishes like bizarre porn, they have hentai action as well, and a “shaving site” that will shock and please. If there was ever a site that was ambidextrous with the kind of niches that they cover, we think that these guys would walk away with first, second, and third prize!

They have done the research; they have come up with a network that caters for all Asian hardcore fans! They have a bit of something for all your taste, and the network is professional in design, navigation, features, and production. They represent the Asian porn market with incredible mastery and it would be wise to check them out. All Japanese Pass network is real value for your money, membership here will be very valuable to you!

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peter-north-promo-codePeter North is famous. Why? Why do you think, he loves fucking beautiful babes hardcore style and unloading unholy amounts of gooey cum all over their faces. He has been working and cumming all over the adult entertainment industry for years. Now there is the official site where you can join him on his creaming adventures.The material inside his site is exclusive. The cumshots that you will see inside are going to leave you feeling dehydrated as you try to keep up with the legend! Let’s look at what more material you can find inside.

This is no small site because it has over 811 picture galleries and some 2868+ movies to watch. The latest addition that they have made is a mixture of peter and other stars acting fucking and having fun. You will be integrated with his social media platforms where you can interact with the legend. The good thing about this site is that they mix things up. Peter does many scenes but he also lets others have a turn. In most of the cases, he is involved with the material somehow even if it’s in a producer and production capacity. The default flash player that they use fills your screen and delivers great viewing options. You have various downloading sizes that give you different resolution including HD. There are trailers you can sample, you get windows media and mp4 formats, and the movies are normally 20 minutes.

The picture gallery has digital photos that look spectacular in high-resolution formats. The picture sets can have 25 pictures each. The ladies featured inside this picture gallery are beautiful, skillful at sucking and being pounded and have incredible bodies. When you click on a particular model, what happens is you see all the picture sets and movies she has appeared in. This makes searching very convenient.

The organization of the site, layout, design, features, are user friendly. Sorting the material using the categories is doable. You will have links that take you to live cams, more bonus vintage collections, and generally make your stay inside this site pleasurable and memorable once you sample North’s porno. There are 30 sites that you will have access to. Membership to this site means all round action from the Fame Digital network. Now you see that the peter north promo code is a very good deal, right?

The legend has and will always be a favorite amongst many porn lovers. The official site, Peter North, is the perfect place for all who want quality hardcore porn from a master of the game. You need to check out this site today!

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burning-angel-promo-codeBurning Angel, by all means, is a community of those looking for porn that is different from the mainstream action now available. The creator of this community goes by the name of Joanna Angel. She is a pornstar, a manger, a fan, and a damn foxy lady who has become very famous in the adult industry.

Many other alternative porn models have joined this big community and now it’s bursting with activity and porn material. The organisation that you will see once inside is impressive. There are features, links, forums, menus, and various indexes.  If you want to find anything inside all you have to do is search for it. The site gives out more information about the performers than many other pornsites would. They also offer update information, bonus, and you will see various interviews that are very informative. Categories of material can be easily located inside this site, and professionalism is constantly being improved on.

To give members more options, they have come up with viewing options as well as different formats. The videos you will see inside can be streamed or downloaded. You will have HD resolution videos, which are the very best. There are also many videos in other resolution sizes.  You will have 822+ videos inside to watch. Many of them are 25 minutes long. No download limits and great server speeds means you can spend all day and night inside this site watching, stroking, enjoying, and cumming.

You have picture galleries also, 1864+ to be exact. The pictures can be downloaded (zip file) and there are many high res pics inside the 60-picture per sets. Those who have had the luck of watching them grow know that they have developed rather quickly over the past years. They were good when they first came out, but it’s possible that they are now fully formed and more mature/ refined. They have lesbian, hardcore, tattooed, blowjobs, POV, anal, and other genres. The material may be the main thing that you want to see, but they also want you to feel like you’re part of the family. This is why the site is so feature rich and socially integrated to other social media platforms. The gals and models inside have sharp and standout personalities that they lend to the material they are making. Things run on different pace inside this site.

What Joanna did was identify an underutilized area and developed it into a monster quality site. The Burning Angel promo code is truly a vibrant deal that has lots to offer all new members. With ladies who look totally amazing, a growing community of alternative porn fan lovers, great material, constant upgrades and updates, this site is definitely a good deal for you. You should check them out!

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teen-mega-world-discountTeen Mega World  is going to completely fill your eyes with teen action! One member’s pass will have you visiting 30 sites all centered on teen action. The sites are simply too many for us to list them all, what we can do is tell you more about this teen filled network!

Once you have that pass, you will have access to over 2486 scenes. These scenes feature some 701 models that the site uses. This is a lot of teen pussy…but wait, there is more! With the videos, you will find that they offer you flv, mp4, windows media formats. You will see many high res images inside plus these guys have lots of movies in super quality HD resolution. These images and videos will show you in complete clarity every inch of these sexy teens.

The network is busy…daily updates. There are sites inside that may take longer to do this but the majority are active and very good. If you do not mind teens and want to see them all the time, this is the network that is built for you. For others, the material can become a bit repetitive with teens all the time! The niches that they cover is teen, but under that, there are so many other genres that this network does well. They have teens sucking, fingering, gaping, anal, gagging, fisting, lesbian, fantasy, and so many other genres. The quality of the material is also something that will impress you.

The production level of the movies is professional. The network also tries to maintain this professional consistency throughout the sites inside. Professionally done porno (we think) is always so pleasing and amazing to watch and that is what these guys have.

The presentation of the network is bare, simple, functional. You have browsing abilities. You can view scenes, categories, go to sites, and find the model index all very easily. Each click you make brings you closer to the hot-teen–hardcore-porno that they have. In general, they have done some work to make the interface, and network as customer friendly as possible.

Teen Mega World is no slouch, it is full of teen action, and it offers you really reliable services. They are consistent and they have wonderfully beautiful babes. You need to check out this massive teen network!

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nuru-massage-promo-codeNuru Massage – the porn site- is all about massages and oil and sex. The word NURU comes from a Japanese form of massage that is very special. Why is it special and what is special about this site? Let’s find out!

In the Japanese massage art called NURU, there is the special oil that is used during the massage. This means that you will see lots of bodies inside this site being all slippery and shinny! This special massage gel is derived from seaweed and other ingredients that we will not bore you with. Alls you need to know is that it really works wonders when used to massage bodies.

Apart from being very slippery, this special gel is colorless, tasteless, and smooth. Now here is how the action inside this site starts and finishes. First, there is the shower scene, then the rubbing and oiling and massaging, finally we have full out hardcore sex!

The person doing the massage is naked, the person receiving it is naked, slippery bodies…basically, sex was really the only outcome! Now that we all know what this site is about let’s find out a little bit more! The videos inside (we mean all of them basically) start the same way and have the same plotline. The difference is the performers and the sexy oily babes doing so much massaging and pleasuring!

The types of gals who usually dish out this kind of massage are mostly Asian. They look like they take great pride in their work. You will find that they have some 165+ movies and 165+ picture galleries inside this site. The movies you can have them in formats like windows media, mp4, flv, and for the pics you can download them (ZIP file). You will be so happy looking at the high definition movies of slippery massage sex, which is what this site offers with their Nuru Massage promo code access. Even the pictures are respectable when you look at the resolution sizes and quality. And with each passing week, you will find that something new has been added in the galleries for your watching pleasure.

By the time you get through with the material inside, you will be suffering from two things. 1) a mighty stiff prick and 2) this urgent need to go and get a massage (nuru if possible!) the hardcore sex you will see inside includes blowjobs, hand jobs, anal, boob job, pussy penetration, and other hardcore niches even some lesbian action.

With membership, you get 3 other sites, which will give you more massage action. The site has navigation that is cut and fitted for all users. The thumbnails you will see inside are for the updates. There is information, browsing options, clips, tools, and navigation features. If you like oil, sexy Asians, massages niche, and hardcore sex, then Nuru Massage really is for you. Get your membership. Don’t waste a single minute, do it now!

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18onlygirls-discount18OnlyGirls is best at providing porn lovers with teens, legal teens for that matter! The gals all want to demonstrate how sexy their bodies are. You are just being asked to look at all this action and have the time of your life!

This site has been busy updating and adding new material. The last time we looked, they had well over 1000 picture galleries and they had more than 830 videos. This number is definitely going to be bigger. 

The size of the pictures you will have access to range from really quality high res stuff to some medium sized pics. You can have whichever set of pics you want using the ZIP file to download them. The file formats for movies you will get include flash, wmv, mp4, and so on. Finally, the site comes with daily updates.

You cannot say that this site is not working hard to make its material engaging and different. They have been doing this for close to a decade. In this time period, they have learned a thing or two about what kind of action “18-year old porn lovers” like to see! This means that they have mix of softcore, hardcore and gal-gal sex that will satisfy many lovers of legal teens!

The site now has grown and has around more than 300 chicks who look cute, naughty, sexy, innocent, hardcore, shy, and ready to please all of the site’s members. The threesomes that we saw were particularly alluring, but that’s maybe we just have a thing for threesome action! When it comes down to it, this site has the material and quality to make anyone jizz for sure!

Once you have your 18onlygirls discount membership and continue to belong to this site for a specified period, they then reward your loyalty with access to WOW PORN and WOW GIRLS! This will give you more super good-looking gals, more sensual young bodies, and more porn all round!

Using the navigation features inside to move around is not going to vex you. You have different sections that have pics and videos. From these sections, you can watch the all the material transpire. There are also different viewing options you can look at including rated, most watched, hardcore, gals, and various others.

The updates are great since they have time stamps. There are tools and navigation setting that you can use. The speeds and all basic functions of the layout are fantastic. If teens are what you desire and dream, morning noon and night, you should invest in a membership for 18OnlyGirls. It’s worth it, trust us, we know. So go on and do it already!

Exploited College Girls Deal

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Exploited College Girls wants to get intimate with you! They want it to be a personal experience watching amateur material on their site. We also want this for you thus, we have written a review of what they have to offer so that you can make a decision.

The first impression we got about these guys is that they have made a great effort in making the material and site appear authentic. The site also looks bare with no real fancy things popping out. This is not necessarily a bad thing!

The gals inside also look like real coeds. The action looks really amateurish and browsing the material is fast and simple. The homepage is where you will find the material floating around. You will read descriptions of scenes, previews, and generally have a smooth time navigating.

What is the material like inside the Exploited College Girls website? You will see interviews, stripping, coed bodies, POV action, blowjobs, hardcore penetrations, anal, and lots of amateur coed gals. They currently have more than 300 movies with additions coming every week.

You will see a mix of gals inside from tall to short to sexy coeds. You will have a lot of variety to choose from. There are clips and there are full movies. You have formats like wmv and mp4 files. The quality of the videos is good, could be better, but definitely watchable.

The gals inside don’t all take part in sexual pleasure hardcore, but thank goodness most of them do. They have fun doing their stuff, which makes the material more engaging. The scenes and full movies are long, the playing around is great, and you get picture gallery to accompany your videos. For the pictures, you can choose whether you want them for your personal collection and download using the ZIP file provided. If you just want to look at them online, there is an option/feature that allows you to do so.

With your membership here, you are given BACKROOM CASTING COUCH as a bonus site. And inside this site, you will have more hardcore porn with more file formats so that you can really have a jizz-filled afternoon! This site offers you gals who want to make it big in porn so they come to show us what they have on the casting couch. Things that we would like to see improved on are more options for the member’s area and maybe a jump to HD videos. If they improve on these aspects, they are definitely going to draw a larger crowd.

Our conclusion is this; this site is good at coed action. They have enough action to have you swimming in coed hardcore porn for quite some time. They have places they need to work on, but we definitely recommend you check out Exploited College Girls!

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hustler-discountWe learn from experience. Sometimes, we learn better from experts. In the context of adulthood sexiness, it’s something we would rather call the hustler’s way. How does the that way in fact go? There are certain tests that will be of a great requirement to getting the title of a real hustler. First of all, you need to be able to pick up girls just with the use of words and a confident approach. This is something we call conviction because no girl could ever turn down, or at least automatically reject, a guy who knows how to deliver himself. Second, you need to watch the contents of, which I am going to talk to about to you today. is one of those eccentrically felt adult sites that will leave you intoxicated, especially after your first visit to it. After that, you will have a stronger tolerance to the hardest core of pornography that you can have the ability to use what you have learned to it in actual play. Perhaps by following all of the precepts presented in some of its seemingly instructional yet dramatic and staggering plots, you will be able to turn yourself into a stud. What’s amazing is that it goes passively. You may not notice it but you are actually already transforming into the better version of the prurient you. 

Hustler is another one of those massive porn sites that will definitely not leave you hanging for more. Every single day you get to find something new as they make sure they get to extract at least 10 new films or short clips a day that of course pass their standards and hits their niche right on the bar. There are over 3200 videos that you can find yourself playfully viewing, to date. There’s an average run time of 15 minutes per video and you can enjoy a full length movie of an hour to an hour and a half, if you’re really up for something with a backbone and an entirely good story.

With a subscription rate of $9.95 a month, this 9 over 10 rated hustler discount should be up to par and make you extra happy. 

Tainster Deal

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So, recently, I was watching this video called “asking girls for sex in Europe” and I really have to say the results are definitely more positive than for the American populace. I mean, America is a liberated country, but most of its women would want to inhibit themselves from expressing what they really want when what they wear everyday is just a snap away from being naked. And since I can’t really come to Europe yet to do my own version of that social experiment, I decided to see how their porn industry goes so I can get a heads up of proper approaching techniques and whatnot. Man, I gotta say the Tainster discount has been of really big help, which is why today I’m going to do you the favor of reviewing it.

What is Tainster?

For anybody who has the affinity for European babes and for anyone who has the strong pursuit to get to know how these women roll, they should perhaps root for the contents of Tainster. At first, I couldn’t make sense of the site’s name, but then it occurred to me how it is relevant to the European audience and it couldn’t have made more sense than that. basically goes to say “tainted” which is an image people would think of in the prurient sense as a notion they give for European girls. Through this site, you will be able to witness these smokin’ hot babes get pounded by purely defined muscle-men as well as an epic penetration with your girlfriend should you watch the videos together. Trust me, it would be really helpful to sustain a healthy sex life. 

Tainster, mind you, is a massive porn resource. Even though it targets the European landscapes of sexiness, you will enjoy more than you could think of. There are over 3000 full length videos here ranging from hotel room scenes to parties and orgies and naked spring baths and whatnot. The videos could run up to 50 minutes, which gives a total movie experience that’s all about love, sex and magic. If you are subscribed to the site, you will have the privilege of downloading any of the videos you want without any limits on a daily basis. Simply put, you get what your money’s worth. And for a rating, I’d give it a 9.2 over 10 because I believe there are still some improvements that could be made possible with the interface of the site, perhaps an advanced search option would make the perfect score. 

Backroom Casting Couch Deal

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You must have heard of the idea of the casting couch as it is well known in Hollywood circles and is known to actually exist. However, it is no surprise that the porn industry has managed to turn it into a genre all on its own and that has led to this website, so say hello to Backroom Casting Couch.

These Are Amateur Chicks.

It has to be pointed out from the start that these are amateur chicks and the entire idea is that they are on an audition for getting into the porn industry. The key thing here is that it does then mean that they need to show that they have what it takes, so they find themselves on this porn casting couch and boy do they work it hard.

The Action Is Real And Seriously Hot.

You can see that they are really putting their heart in soul into this audition as their future career depends on it. Everything is filmed in a POV style and these chicks tend to start off by sucking cock before giving it a good fuck until a happy conclusion. It certainly seems to be a good job to have as a guy since you get to fuck all of these hot chicks and film it as well.

There Seems To Be A Lot Of Chicks That Are Willing.

You are looking at around 300 different scenes to check out, so there does seem to be a lot of girls that want to fuck on camera. You will also see that there are a wide range of styles of chicks including various hair colors, looks, size of tits, and anything else that you care to imagine. Is variety good? You better believe it.

I love that you never know if these chicks are going to make it big in the industry and you have seen them at the earliest part of their career. You also learn about them thanks to the descriptions with each scene and this is just a cool part of the site and shows how they have really laid it out superbly well.

Backroom Casting Couch is a site that I have fallen in love with. It does not try to be anything fancy, but what it does is it shows hot and horny amateur chicks that want to get into the porn industry and the one thing I see is that the industry is in safe hands.

Fucked Hard 18 Deal

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Is it bad of me that I love porn that features chicks 18 or 19 years old? Maybe it does make me an old pervert, but hey I am not the only one out there that loves this type of porn and you can see that with the popularity of Fucked Hard 18.

It All Starts The Same.

The theme with this site is that these 18 year old chicks are going for a massage, but of course there ends up being more to it than just getting those stiff muscles loosened off. I really do not care that each scene starts off the same because the actual fucking makes it all worth while.

They Might Be Young, But Can Fuck.

Do not let the fact that all of the models are between the ages of 18 and 23 put you off because they can fuck like the best of them. I mean they know how to work a cock and know how to orgasm and the fact that you can see it all in glorious high definition just makes it even better. These chicks are gorgeous and they have hot bodies as well and just seeing them sitting on a cock is capable of blowing your mind.

More Than 300 Episodes.

This site has broken through the 300 episodes barrier and it does mean that there is a lot to keep you entertained as soon as you join. They also update on a regular basis, so you never feel as if you are exhausting your membership as there is always something new to look at.

No Need For Bonuses.

You do get some bonuses as there are links to video feeds, but you are not going to have a lot of spare sites to go and check out. However, I do not mind that because the key thing for me is that the site does deliver on what it promises. It is not fancy, it does not change its types of scenes, but it does give you hot porn with hot fucking and with hot models.

You know something? After being a member of Fucked Hard 18 I think I will go away and learn how to give out massages.


21Sextury Deal

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21sextury-discountPerhaps the first thing that I should point out there is that 21Sextury is also a network of sites that, unsurprisingly perhaps, consists of 21 different sites. Of course you will immediately become excited at the thought of all of that porn under the one roof and do you know something? You are quite right to feel that way.

You see the porn that is on offer here is varies to say the least. You have chicks giving deep throat blowjobs. You have chicks fucking more than one cock at a time. You have lesbian sex, solo shots, positions galore, and hardcore anal and all on the one mega site. Finding the porn that you want is also very easy thanks to their navigation system as the entire site is well laid out and getting to those genres is not a problem.

This in itself is a big relief because you have close to 9,000 different movies to watch and almost the same number of photo sets to browse through as well. This is a huge amount of porn to check out, but at least the people behind 21 Sextury did realize that they had to get the navigation right or else there could be a major issue.

Other things that I like about this site is that they do have 21sextury discount now available and a model index, so you can find out more about them as well as the various scenes that they appear in. I also love the sheer number of chicks that they have on there as I am forever finding somebody new to perv over and then it is a voyage of discovery to see what else they have done during their porn career.

21Sextury is a huge site that is getting bigger every single day. It has fabulous content with sizzling sex and hot chicks getting off all of the time. Do yourself a favor and go and explore their tour pages because I promise you that it will grab you by the balls and not let go until you have signed up.

WowGirls Deal

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wowgirls-discountOK I have to admit that I was instantly drawn to this website simply by the name. It gives you the impression of something magical about to happen and that it will blow your mind, but is that actually the case? I have the tough task of trying to see if WOWGirls really does live up to its name.

After landing at the home page I then noticed that I was actually on a huge site where I could get access to not only WOWPorn offer, but also the wowgirls discount and 18 Only Girls deal. They do seem to have a tendency to lean towards slim chicks here between the ages of 18 and 23, so if you prefer women with some meat on them, then you might be slightly disappointed. However, the girls here are hot and there is enough of a variety with how they look to keep you interested. Oh yeah, and they also fuck on camera and fuck hard.

These chicks think nothing of either fucking a huge cock or at times fucking one another. The only thing that they care about is having that all important orgasm and boy do they know how to get there. You have all of the usual sex positions included and the actual shooting of each scene is also pretty good, so you can check out every single thing that is going on and see that cock sliding in her pussy and the pleasure she is having from it.

So how about the amount of content that you get to perv over with your membership? They are now over 150 scenes and each one lasts for around 25 minutes. They are relatively new, so of course they are in HD and the 200+ photo sets are also shot in high resolution with each set containing 75 pictures. OK, so there might be other sites out there that have more porn in their members section, but this is still enough for you to get your teeth into, so there is no real grounds for complaint.

So what are my overall thoughts? Well, the porn is well shot, the sex is hot, the chicks love what they are doing and it shows, and they keep updating on a regular basis with new content. To me, if you love chicks that are around 20 years old and slim, then WOWGirls is indeed well named and should become an absolute must for being that pervert that you are. Deal Discount

It’s No Joke, This is the Best Deal

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deals-button is the place to be for red-hot gals doing red hot stuff on a really red-hot site! That is what they promise when you check out the tour page.

They have teasers and previews of sex action in all its glorious forms. They have formats, updates, models, material and…wait, before we get ahead of ourselves due to excitement, let’s take it slow and see what these guys have. 

“Porn glamour vixens” are what these guys say they want to give all their members. When a good balance is struck between high gloss quality and user friendly features, it is going to be hit with internet users everywhere. This is what these guys have accomplished.

The drop-down tabs are magnificently crafted and strategically placed, making it easy to preview material. There is a favorite section where you can see models and movies you want. The niche tags are great for locating material. 

You will be able to quickly locate all the updates. You even get to view your browsing history, which is unique because most porn sites don’t have this. And since they chose the name “babes” to name their site, they know they have to live up to customers expectations. They do this by searching all over and finding “sexual goddesses” of the highest beauty caliber!

The discount is out of this world and the model lineup inside is like nothing we have ever seen. Its deep, it’s intriguing, it’s erotic, its mind blowing! They currently have some 134+ models performing in some 587+ movies and 587+ images.  Poke this site some more and what you receive is young talent from babes who are curving a name for themselves in the industry. The videos they perform can be watched online using the embedded player. There are various pixel resolutions that go all the way up to High Definition.

The production of the movies is as close to perfection as any producer will ever get! They are very well made, nice lighting, angles, and so on. All this time, they don’t forget about giving you the material in class and style. The images might overwhelm your senses since they are big pixel, 1698pxl High Resolution stuff. There are various ways you can view these pictures including downloading them as you please.

They may not have thousands of models and material to offer you. They however have something that you need to take seriously, lots of babes! They also have succulent quality that is robust and dripping with raunchy porno. It is clear that with time, is going to expand into a massive, artsy, babe-filled porn site. Joining them is a good way of spending your valuable time and money.

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wowporn-discountWowPorn comes hollering at your door with a lot of claims and promises. They say that the gals they showcase have been individually selected. They say they have more than fifty seven porn niches. They say that they can satisfy any members with the material that they produce. 

These are all big claims. Our aim is to out if they can keep their word/promises, or are they simply blowing smoke up our asses! When you click on the main page, you will be greeted with a familiar look and theme since many barely-legal porn sites have the same design as these guys.

Look past this and what you will see is a design that has been meticulously organized. The main navigation of the site is easy. It is clear that these guys were thinking of making member’s lives easier when they came up with this site. There is a forum section with lots of activity. Members and staff can interact easily with questions and feedback trading back and forth. The models have pages, and on these pages, members can comment. All these interactive features are great since they keep you busy inside when you’re not watching the tantalizing teen’s sexual sessions.

The teens are beautiful and take part in various scenes and pictures. There are more than 50 gals with over 239 + videos and 239 + images available. The one reason why they have so much material is the fast updating schedule that they use. The wowporn discount is hot but you will notice right away that every 2 days you receive something new to make your sexual senses go WOW! And they have managed to maintain this pace for some time now, so you know that they are reliable. The production of the shots is superb since everything is well placed and well lit. There is lots of hardcore, masturbation, lesbian, orgies, fetishes, kinky, and many other niches.

The new updates you will see are High Definition in 1080 or 720 pxl resolution. You can look at the images online in High-Resolution quality. They also give you 4 resolutions you can choose from. They provide the dish (hardcore sex) the appetizer (beautiful teens) the spoon and knives (navigation and links) so that you simply sit and eat until your gut pops! 

You can try to look for things you don’t like about these guys. This will be a fool’s errand because these guys have everything all barely- legal porn lovers desire. They have bonus sites that will amaze you with more material and you are never going to feel let down by these guys. WowPorn is superb quality teen porn all the way!

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mr-skin-discountMr Skin did what all of us wanted to do with top rated movies and TV shows and that is to fast forward to the good parts. All the celebrities you can think of are all here which means they have a huge database. Don’t miss the Mr Skin minute where he discusses the new scenes where celebrities show some skin. He even tells everyone where the good parts are so everyone would know where to fast forward to.

They even have scenes that date way back from 4 decades ago when movies would have such lovely nude scenes. You knew you would want to buy a movie then completely ignore the story so you can fast forward to the good parts. This website does all the hard work for you so you can masturbate at more scenes. There are some nude scenes that made celebrities famous and you can watch them over and over again. There is no doubt these scenes would get stuck in your mind for quite some time. You will get shocked at some of your celebrities because you did not know they had such wonderful nipples. 

The membership with the Mr Skin discount is without a doubt worth every penny. You can’t expect much hardcore scenes here but the beauty of the celebrities here would more than make up for it. The number of A-list celebrities here including the stars of Game of Thrones and Californication would more than spice up your cock. You are going to find out what to watch out for in the cinemas due to the minute telling you if there are any nude scenes there. Your eyes will certainly light up when you see the new nude scenes either out on Blu-Ray or DVD on stores everywhere.

It will only be a matter of time before you bring your hard cock out and ejaculate it as hard as you can. This is a great site as the navigation is easy and the design of the site is as sleek as it gets. Even the logo of Mr Skin is very appealing and you would find yourself wanting to become a member of the site in no time. 

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blacks-on-blondes-discountThere is nothing bigger than a big black cock. That is exactly what happens at Blacks on Blondes even though not all the girls here are blondes since some of them have red and even black hair. Of course, you won’t care about that since the important part is the girls get fucked real hard and that is exactly what happens in this site.

It won’t be long before your cock gets hard and you would want to get into the high seas while jacking off as nothing would feel better than getting to cum. You are going to see a lot of good interracial porn here.

There is a lot of bonus sites here to keep you company while you wait for the next update and all of them have the interracial theme so fans of that would really be happy. However, some bonus sites are not updating but that is expected as some of the owners have decided to move on to other stuff.

Most of the videos here at Blacks on Blondes are already in high definition and that is something all porn fans would enjoy. There are 599 videos and galleries here as that may not sound like an impressive number to some but it is bound to grow as time passes by. The Dogfart Network is a network composed of 20 quality sites and you are going to get access to the rest of the sites once you become a member here. There are a lot of girls here and they exist in variety as you will see some petite small breasted chicks and some big breasted fat ones.

There is certainly one girl for each porn fan as all of us like different girls. Some won’t even get hard at the sight of girls who have small breasts and a hairy pussy. It would be nice to have that shaved so nothing is covering the clit as the sight of that will get anybody hard. For sure, the best part of Blacks on Blondes is the current offers and their video content.

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mofos-discountBow down to greatness, that is MOFOS! We are back on their site checking out the goods and keeping an eye on this super hardcore network that is a sister site to Brazzers. Really, we should say no more. Since, both are household names, but for those of you still dragging your feet let’s take a look inside and see what MOFOS actually offers you.

MOFOS Delivers Time and Time Again

The first fantastic offering is their content, which is hardcore all the way. MOFOS has never tip-toed around that which makes us horny, this is why we love them. Whether it is public sex, gang-bangs, anal or anything else that gives you a buzz, MOFOS will deliver.

One membership will give you access to all of their 13 sites, that is why they are called a network. Sites like ‘In Gangs we Bang’, ‘Day with a Porn Star’, ‘Teens at Work’ you have to know that this is kink extreme.

Whopping Big Content and Updates 10 Times a Week!

The site has massive content with thousands of scenes and full length films, but better still it is updated at least 10 times a week. Yes, you heard right, that is ten times!

Interracial, MILF, teen, anal, big tits, small tits, bouncy asses it is all here and more. Downloads are unlimited and the dirt is exclusive to the MOFOS discount and its network. You can watch at various resolutions and formats include MPEG, MP4 and flash live streaming.

Amateur Girls Galore!

OK, so you see that there are thousands of scenes, but they also have over 1600 different amateur girls on their site. Yep, these are amateur girls that could easily live next door to you or I that are busy fucking their hearts out for our pleasure. Imagine how cool it would be if you saw somebody you knew. That would just be mindblowing!

MOFOS has a lot to contend with when it comes to Internet porn as there are just so many sites out there that are all pretty amazing. The good news is that they do indeed deliver and we absolutely love them for that. What are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up now to check out some amazing sex.

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devils-film-promo-codeLooking for a site that delivers hardcore? A site that has a nice variety of models and genres ranging from MILF to She-male? Then look no further. The Devils Film brigade have got that market taped!

A Gorgeous Blonde Banging with a Strap-On

They are currently boasting about their new site and new look and I have to say it is impressive. The thumbnails look positively delicious. A gorgeous blonde giving a guy anal sex with a strap-on is hardly hum-drum. From ‘Chocolate Cheerleaders’ to ‘Boffing the Baby Sitter’ your stay on Devils Film will certainly be a kinky and interesting one.

Check Out Sasha Grey, Phoenix Marie and Alexis Texas

They also have the hottest models on the books, whether you are talking male models, females or something in between. Sasha Grey, Phoenix Marie, Tori Black are household names and Alexis Texas has led to a new obsession, at least with me!

Okay so now you are interested, let’s take a look at what the Devils Film promo code is offering. The main part is the DVD section which is freaking awesome. These DVDs are mouth watering, right from their highly designed covers to the dirty smut that you will find inside. Plus, delight of all delights, there are two new DVDS every month.

Raunchiness Personified

Titles like, ‘My Wife Caught Me Ass fucking Her Mother’, has got to turn a few heads. Not necessarily the one on your neck! ‘My New White Step Daddy’ and ‘It’s Okay, She’s My Mother-in-law’ should give one an idea of the kinkiness and depravity of this site. If you are not into full length DVDs, then there are scenes to watch and plenty of them. 6, 000 plus scenes, unlimited downloads and HD quality are not to turn your nose at. Particularly when the scenes are bound to tickle your taste buds.

Tranny porn, anal, strap-on, Asian hookers, huge jugs, interracial and much more shows that there is never a dull moment. This site is definitely not for the faint hearted. So, fasten your seat belts and enjoy!

The layout is fantastic, everything is where it is supposed to be and easy to find. There are big names involved in this outfit, including Rocco Siffredi, Tera Patrick, Silvia Saint and a gargantuan list of who-who in porn. There are currently over 3000 models working on the site. Do yourself a favor and go and test the goods for yourself, that is the best way to find out if the goods are for you and trust me, they will be!